Hello, I am Yi Wu.

I am an Engineer, Music Technologist, Musician, and Sound Designer.


I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Music Technology under Dr. Jason Freeman's Computational/Interactive Music lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Previously, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Fordham University.

As an engineer, I have a strong technical background in electrical engineering and computer science. I am decisive, analytical, collaborative with a creative mind.

As a music technologist, my goal is to create innovative technologies to elevate musicians' creative experience and performance.

As a musician and sound designer, my ambition is to utilize the tools I created to push the boundaries of music and sounds.

My works vary from Audio Argument Reality Mobile Applications, Musification/Sonification, VST plugins, Sound Installations, Synthesizer Modules, Music Instrument Design, Creative Coding, Video Game Sound Design, Scoring, etc.